8 Signs of a psychopath and sociopath

Intro to the 8 signs of a psychopath and sociopath

Today we will look at the scariest of the cluster-b personality disorders.

And, explore the 8 signs of a psychopath and sociopath

They are the closest to pure evil we will find in humans.

They a neurologically wired differently to you and me, and this can’t be changed.

The psychopath and sociopath see our emotions and empathy as a weakness to be exploited.

They feel we deserve to be used.

They have no empathy and enjoy controlling and having power over others, and in many cases, they want the suffering of others.

They purposefully exploit others with no regard or regret for the harm it causes them.

They are skilled at acting charming and molding their personality to yours, so you think you found a great match.

They don’t have a stress/fear response, and so they can seem very relaxed and make you at ease.

They appear very confident as they feel no fear.

I like this quote.

"In the desert, an old monk once advised a traveler that the voice of God and the Devil are barely distinguishable."

Loren Eiseley

Here are the 8 signs of a psychopath and sociopath

Want to dominate others

They enjoy dominating others, and while you will not initially see this side of them when they are charming you to hook you in, you can spot this in how they treat others.

They will use others and show no care or regard for the other person.

They will do whatever is needed to get what they want, including lying.

Look for inconsistency in their stories, and if you spot this, dig deeper.

Their lies never hold up to inspection, and they will resist, manipulate, guilt trip and attack you if you set boundaries or question them.

Exploit, manipulate or violate the rights of others

Again, this will not show up towards you in the early stages, as they focus on charming you into their trap.

Building a beautiful nest you want to rest in, but once you step inside, they will lock the door, turn the lights off, and the horror movie starts.

Be very careful of high intensity and people trying to move things too fast and try to get you to commit to give or borrow them money, marriage, move-in together, or ask for significant investments of your time, energy, or money early on.

Also, look out for statements out of context, such as “I will not harm you.” A stable, sane person would not say that because they are not even thinking of you being in danger.

Lack of concern, regret, or remorse about other people's distress

They lack empathy and so have no regret or remorse when harming others or hurting you.

If you see them causing someone else or you distress, how do they react?

Do they show remorse, or do they not seem to care?

They don’t understand fear and guilt.

So, you can observe their behavior, and if they never have any anxiety or guilt, it could be a warning sign.

You can also ask them to describe a time they felt fearful or guilty, and they will likely struggle to do this in anything but a mechanical way.

Behave irresponsibly and show disregard for normal social behavior

They will often have impulsive behavior and seek high stimulation.

The psychopath and sociopath are willing to break the law and don’t feel rules apply to them.

They can be very stimulating because of this but be aware it’s a huge warning sign.

You will notice how they break small rules and find ways to get what they want, even if it means cutting corners, lying, or violating rules and laws.

Have difficulty sustaining long-term relationships

This is a classic sign of all cluster-b personality disorders.

Like the narcissist or borderline, the psychopath or sociopath tend to struggle with long-term relationships; however, there are exceptions where they found it can further their goal to marry and stay with that person.

The second is not long further their overall goal; they will discard that person in a heartbeat.

Be unable to control their anger

Again, a classic sign of cluster-b personality disorders is a lack of emotional regulation.

Their rage is often shown in taking revenge on people they feel are inhabiting their agenda or dare to question them or have boundaries.

They are ruthless and show an extreme willingness to get revenge and harm people that upset them.

If you see someone who seems very focused on revenge, then it’s a huge warning sign.

Emotional regulation makes us able to be social animals, and without this, impulsive and extreme behavior is likely to follow emotions such as anger or rage.

People who can’t control their emotions and calm down are dangerous because their only option is to project their pain onto an external target and take it out on them.

Lack guilt, or not learn from their mistakes

They keep doing the same things even when it causes chaos and destruction.

They don’t seem to learn and continue the same destructive behavior because it’s the only way they know how to navigate the world.

They see the world as predators and prey, and they want to be the predator, and anyone with empathy is a prey to be used and taken advantage of.

You will also notice that when they cause others harm, they show no regret or guilt.

This is a substantial red flag.

Blame others for problems in their lives

They can’t take responsibility for any of the issues their behavior creates, so they blame everyone else for their failures.

Look out for people who can’t self-reflect and seem to always blame others for issues in their lives.

"Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else's game."

Evita ochel

End note

That’s enough for today.

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Never forget. You are worthy of love, safety, kindness & mutuality.

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