Do You Want More Intimacy And Hot Sex?

One to one relationship mentoring is for adults who want to gain the support, skill and guidance to create deep intimacy and exciting sex. 

You will follow a step by step model and gain the skills to become a masterful lover.

The model integrates all the latest relationship research. 

One to one relationship guidance

No matter what your goal is, I am dedicated to helping you achieve the kind of relationship and sex life you desire. Watch the video to learn more.

What you will learn​

How to create desire

You will learn how to increase desire and passion, and how to rekindle and maintain it in a long-term relationship. Desire and sexuality is more a mental than physical process, so here you will learn how to tap in to your core erotic theme to amplify excitement and arousal. You will also learn how to overcome shame and free yourself to share your innermost fantasies and desires.

Intimacy & connection

Intimacy is not about finding the "one" or even chemistry. It’s about learning how to get in touch with your vulnerability and being able to share this from a safe and grounded place. Here you will learn how to tap in to your own vulnerabilities so you can be seen and accepted.

How to create safety

We all have a need for safety and to know someone else cares and will be there for us. It’s what allows us to explore and be our best selves. A secure attachment is often what makes people feel close and committed, but when we don't have this, we feel anxious & insecure. This leads to jealousy, conflict and other relationship issues. Here you will learn how to feel secure and make your partner feel secure and valued. You will learn how to heal and prevent attachment triggers that are the number one cause of ongoing relationship conflicts.

How to get your freedom

We are all individuals with our own needs and it's easy to get lost in a relationship and forget ourselves, which can often lead to numbness and resentment. Here you will learn how to become clear about your needs and how to express them in a way partner can understand. Remember, your partner fell in love with that individual part of you, giving it up serves no one.

Overcome sexual issues

There are so many things that can get in the way of enjoyable sex. From high levels of stress, feeling disconnected, poor body image, pre-mature ejaculation and loss of desire. I will address all of them and how to overcome them in a way that not only improves sex, but also makes you feel accepted and loved.

Become a masterful lover

You will learn the practical skills to tap in to both of your sexual potentials. You will learn to discover, and unlock your partner’s fantasy world and, peak turn-ons.

Customers reviews

"I did not believe we had much hope when we started. After 3 months our relationship has completely changed; from living separate lives and having no sex to rediscovering our passion and connection. We feel like newly in-loves"
"This not only saved my relationship it has also helped me create more connected and meaningful relationships with my friends and I feel so much happier. All that time and money I wasted on accumulating possessions just to discover what would make me happy was to relate to people differently. With these skills I feel I am in charge of my own happiness."
"We were co-living and co-parenting but we did not relate well at all. So much resentment from unfulfilled needs, and dreams. Now we have learned to dissolve the resentment and use it to build closeness. Our sex life has never been better and we are so happy."


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What mentoring can do for you?

You deserve both emotional and physical fulfillment. 

Without a road-map or guidance, navigating relationships and avoiding the pitfalls can be like playing Russian roulette.

This mentoring fast-tracks your relationship skills and will likely be the single best investment in your happiness you have ever made.

You will get personalized relationship advice and marriage advice.  

This is not traditional couples therapy but a dedicated relationship coach that will guide you through your most intimate challenges.

I will be your relationship and sex guide.

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Looking for one to one guidance?

I only work with people that are dedicated and want intimate and sexy relationships. 

We all want to be seen and accepted by our partner and at the same time we want to feel safe but also excitement and passion. 

If this is your goal then I can help you, but you got to make the commitment. 

Do you want to learn more about working with me?