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Time to Take Your Sex life and Relationship to the Next Level?

Jane Doe

Marketing Manager

We did 5 sessions with Thomas, and we have never felt this close even when we had just met.

Thomas Westenholz

Relationship Coach

What You’ll Get During This Relationship Coaching Free Strategy Call

During the call, we will cover the main issues you have in your relationship, and I will give you some tips to work on those. I will also give you an overview of the framework I use and some tools you can take away today to make your relationship more intimate. 

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Write down…What your main challenges are. What you appreciate about your partner.What you want to achieve from a relationship coaching.

What Happens During the Call

We will look at the challenges you have, and I will give you some tips that can help turn the conflict into connection. We will look at identify your love language and clarify how your partner can give it to you. Then we will discuss some tips you can implement just after the call to feel closer.


What Changes After the Call

You will have a more clear idea of what is causing your conflicts and how to stop them. You will also know how to create intimacy and closeness. You and your partner will be clear on how you can fill each other’s lover bucket. 

About Thomas Westenholz

The author of two books on sexuality and relationship intimacy. Trained in the Somatica Method, an embodied relationship, and sexuality therapy method. I am a public speaker at relationship events and have worked with couples around the world. I am also an entrepreneur and educational expert, so my coaching style is very structured, practical, and to the point. 

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

martha Jones


This call was so useful and full of tips and ideas we could implement immediately.

There was no time wasted and no hard sell at the end. Just pure value. 

Shawn parker


I can honestly say I got more value from this free coaching call, then I did from spending $5,000 on our last relationship therapist.

Jessica Sanders


I can’t believe how many new tools we took away from the call, and it was free. Unbelievable.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your Relationship!