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LILO GiGi II - Review

I tested the GiGi II and here are my toughts

I bought the LELO Gigi 2 for my girlfriend as we love to play with different toys to spice things up.

I have tried a lot of cheaper options, and they always disappoint.

I wanted something wireless, waterproof, and made from safe materials, and let’s not forget powerful enough to create a sensation.

I now have 5 LELO toys, and the quality is amazing, and being able to take them in the shower or bath is a big plus.

There are many different vibration settings, and you can find her favorite by playing around with them.

You can also adjust the vibration strength to start more softly and then increase the intensity as she gets more turned on.

Remember to use water-based lubes and NOT oil-based once as that will ruin your silicone toy.

I made that mistake once and lost £160. The more expensive the lesson, the more likely I am to remember it, so I will not do that again.

Now water lube ready.

I normally have the toy ready, so I don’t have to fumble around while she is waiting around.

After some foreplay and some oral stimulation, I will get out the Gigi 2.

I will start on a low setting and slow movements.

The combination of clitoris stimulation and the Gigi 2 inside of her is normally always a success.

I then slowly increase the intensity of vibrations and push it slightly up towards her G-spot.

You can put a pillow under her bum to make the angle better.

Now throw in some dirty talking if she is into that, and you have a winning formula.

Yes, I can use my hands, but they can’t create the vibrations the Gigi 2 can, and sometimes my hands need a break while the Gigi 2 can keep going, so she feels no pressure to come quickly. It’s win/win.

I am a big fan of sex toys as they provide different stimulation and take the pressure of the men to last longer and the woman to come quick. And’ less pressure means more fun.

Use safe quality toys makes all the difference, and the Gigi 2 fits this category.

For more sex tips on how to please a woman in bed check out my other article.

Have fun


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