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Carly Garcia
Carly Garcia
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We already had a solid relationship, but something was missing. The coaching transformed us into a more loving, supportive and joyful couple. The best investment of our lives.
Darren Smith
Darren Smith
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My wife and I had a few tought years after having kids. Something was missing. Working with Thomas has made us fal in-love with each other again. The misunderstandings are gone and we now "get" each other.
Vanessa Thompson
Vanessa Thompson
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After 3 month of coaching I can say we are a new couple. I never knew this kind of love was possible. I finally feel seen and accepted for who I am.



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Relationship Coaching

Possible areas we can choose to focus on:

  • New intimacy practises to take your relationship to a deeper level
  • Simple and effective tools for lasting love through gentle healing and exploration
  • Experiencing safety, intimacy and pure freedom within your relationship ecosystem
  • Creating an empowering relationship, you desire and deserve whilst setting healthy, clear boundaries
  • Integrating more passion and joy in your relationship and feeling sexually liberated and whole
  • Communicating unmet needs through being authentically vulnerable and embracing being human
  • How to move from a disempowering and fear-based relationship into an embodied choice of trust and unity

Together we will create the relationship, sex life and sacred love that you deserve.

What to expect?

  • Personalised hourly 1-1 expert coaching from the founder of Zensensa
  • Committed and dedicated attention met with safety and trust, your privacy is crucial, valued and honoured
  • Tailored and individual guidance through web conferencing and worksheets.
  • Practical exercises to increase your pleasure, joy, intimacy and love
  • All your questions supportively answered, and your feelings welcomed and heard
  • Loving support to work through all challenges in your relationship, past and present
  • Ongoing and continued sessions at your convenience; we advise weekly or 2 weekly sessions to begin with

How to sign up?

Use the calendar below to book a time (it will show your time zone) and pay.
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