Zensensa Institute of Intimate Relationships

Monthly Membership Program


Learn Exactly How to Replace Relationship Conflicts with Love.

For couples who are sick of conflicts…tired
of unfulfilling sex…and want to feel safe, loved, free &
sexually desired.

Get the excitement and love you deserve.

8-Week Online Relationship Masterclass


In this 8-week online course discover how to…

• Prevent infidelity and relationship breakdown.

• Have more freedom and be a team.

• Banish boredom and rekindle the newly

in-love excitement

• Have HOT and CONNECTING sex

• Substitute resentment and disconnect

with lasting love

Interactive Live Coaching


11 weeks to transform your love life.

Join the founder of Zensensa through interactive live weekly webinars. 

Have all your burning questions on love, sex and relationships answered and create the relationship of your dreams.

Relationship Coaching


Unique online coaching in a safe and loving space.

Explore your authentic self and step into a world of confidence, self-love and intimacy.

Recovery Program

The Toxic Relationship

Are you recovering from a relationship with a borderline or narcissist?

Tired of feeling depressed or down?

Come back stronger, happier & ready for a
healthy relationship.

The Empowered NO Program

Do you find it hard to say no?

Tired of putting your own needs aside
to please others?

Learn to say an empowered no, boost your confidence & get what you need.

The Confidence & Self-Love Program

Do you want to feel more confident and self-assured?

Tired of doubting yourself, hiding your authentic self, feeling anxious, pleasing others at the expense of yourself?

Embrace your authentic self and transform anxiety into confidence and self-love.

Get The Right Guy - Online Program

Sick and tired of men that ghost you, are unwilling to commit or simply not emotional available?

Learn how you can find, attract and keep the right man for you, so you can get the lasting love, support and commitment you deserve.

eBook: Love That Lasts

Simple solutions, deeper intimacy, and lasting love

Falling in love is easy.

Staying in love is the challenge. But, it’s a learnable skill.

eBook: Sexual Mastery

Unlock your sexual potential.

Learn how to tap into hidden sources of
pleasure with my new eBook.

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