Heal From A Toxic Relationship

Turn your pain into transformation and rediscover your joy.

never date a toxic person again. 

Heal & Flourish

Spot Toxic People

Toxic Protection Shield

Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson
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I was feeling suicidal just after the breakup. After doing this course my joy for life has returned.
Julie Johnson
Julie Johnson
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I never thought I would date again after being discarded. The course helped me heal and I am now in-love again.
Josh Brown
Josh Brown
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I felt very alone, as no one could understand the trauma I was feeling. This course gave me a space to feel heard and practical advice that made my recovery so much faster.



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The Course Creator

My name is Thomas, and I am a recovered and flourishing abuse survivor.

I was abused and traumatized by a romantic partner with borderline and narcissistic personality disorder.

I am trained in the Somatica Method, a modality focused on relationship healing through deshamifying and bodywork.

I work with narrative therapy and the healing power of journaling.

Founded Positive Edge Education, where I created a resilience program based on social and emotional learning.

I have worked with leading experts in neuroscience, brain development, resilience, and trauma recovery.

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  • 36 Video lessons
  • Healing Meditations
  • Practical Exercises
  • Community Forum
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