Free Webinar - "Avoid Toxic Relationships"

Are you tired of feeling depressed or down or getting sucked back into the toxic dynamic that leaves you devastated and confused each time?

In This Free Webinar I will show you how to spot, avoid and protect yourself from toxic people, 

You will learn how to;

  1. Spot the five most common warning signs. So, you will never end up in a toxic relationship.
  2. Spot the five manipulation strategies they use and how to untangle yourself from their web.
  3. Create a toxic proof shield so you can have a safe, supportive and loving relationship.

Created by Toxic Dating expert Thomas Westenholz

“…This Webinar could save your reputation, finances, sanity, and life. The most toxic people are also the most charming so knowing the red flags is the only way to safe dating.”

Megan Hunter, High Conflict Institute

You will learn in this webinar...

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The five warning signs of a toxic person.

You will know how to easily spot and avoid toxic people before they infiltrate your life. Prevention is better than treatment.

Create a toxic proof shield.

The best way to avoid becoming the target of a predator is not to be easy prey. You will learn who they target and how to heal your wounds to avoid being prey.

the five manipulation strategies of toxic people.

Once you can spot them you will not become trapped in their web and can easily walk away. If you don't know the game being played you have no chance of winning.

Seats are limited

Available for a limited time only

Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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The webinar changed how I view relationships. The tools are so practical and worked. We argue far less and feel so much more connected.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
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I attended this webinar with my wife and we could not believe how much value we got from it. We are in-love again and have re-discovered our passion for each other.
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis
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I loved the practical tools. They improved my relationship instantly. I can't believe how well these concepts work. It's like a relationship magic pill.



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Discover how...

Seats are limited

Available for a limited time only

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