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Why taking political correctness into the bedroom will kill your sex life!

We grow up in a world that tries to create more equality between men and women, and rightly so.

This is very healthy and a good thing when it comes to human rights, equal pay, respect for each other’s boundaries, etc.

However, it can become a killer of sexual excitement.

Some of the fuel that drives sexual excitement are power dynamics.

They create uncertainty coupled with a free space to express and explore our animalistic human natures, which are full of emotions that do not fit political correctness.

That is not to say that men should be solely dominant, it could just as well be women.

What’s important is to not always play equal in the bedroom, and instead explore power dynamics and how they can add to yours and your partner’s excitement.

Political correctness should not override hundred of thousands of years of evolutionary hardwiring, so if you want a better sex-life then it’s about time to tune in to your basic human nature.

Sex is a place to express ourselves and let our guards down and there is a beautiful intimacy to be found when we can show up unfiltered and be accepted.

Without a power dynamics sex can easily feel flat and become boring.

Power dynamics does not mean we should not respect each other.

In fact, open communication and respecting boundaries is imperative to any healthy sexual relationship.

We can’t deny that a critical part of desire, passion and excitement is about taking and being taken within the context of mutually consent and trust.

Passion needs polarity; an active and passive element,  just like an image without contrast or distance between black and white looks flat, so does a sex life without polarity.

Just like hot and cold or light and dark, we experience the world through opposites and it makes the experience more intense.

We live in a society where we are constantly expected to be in control.

Letting go and surrender  is not just sexually exciting it’s healing and emotionally connecting.

So sexually surrendering is a practise to let go of our need for control and the stress that entails, and within that surrender you can experience intense passion, sex and connection.

This dynamic is not forever it’s temporary and it does not mean you are any less than him or her.

It’s an immensely freeing practise to be able to let go and not have to be in control. To surrender completely and without inhibition.

Just because you surrender in the bedroom does not mean the same dynamics exists outside the bedroom.